2016 Routes–on-line until the 2017 Routes are ready for prime time.!

  The routes for 2016 will continue to be available on-line until the 2017 Routes are released. This will allow prospective riders to get a sense of the kinds of roads and areas we like to choose and how we prep the riding directions. 2017’s routes will vary significantly  but exhibit a very similar riding character.

Minor changes have been made since the actual 36th Event  to provide info about alternates for the rest stops. If you ride any of the routes, go prepared to be self supporting.

Here are some facts about how they are structured. They are available downloadable at RideWithGPS.com. See the route descriptions below for the links.

Esy Bresy 17

A friendly route for novices on some familiar terrain.

Esy Bresy 17 profile

ReJoined 25

Like the 17 mile route, this is a friendly loop for those looking for a few more miles.  It is also a chance to see some different areas than last year.  This route finds roads we have stayed away from in the past but have been recently paved.  They are so nice you may find yourself wanting to ride more in this area.  Like the 17 mile route, its not flat as a pancake, but there aren’t really any climbs.

ReJoined 25 profile

Stone Tavern 35

This tour will take you out to the Rest Stop we started using again last year along several rolling roads that beg you to just enjoy some of the character defining views and fun terrain of Central New Jersey with a wrinkle on the way home.

Stone Tavern 35 profile

Hedding Home 50

The 50 miler rolls as well and visits some of our favorite areas.  A return to last year’s midpoint rest stop will seem familiar but we’ve selected a return route that will be fresh because it includes a number of roads we haven’t used recently on our Event. The return route is also shared with both the 65 and the 100 so you can join friends at the midpoint rest stop for the trip home.

Hedding Home 50 profile

Almost Hilly Sixty-Five

There are no long climbs in the areas our Event travels through.  Our other routes may roll, but they avoid the more difficult grades – this route seeks them out!  The route has changed from last year to give riders a fresh perspective though some of it will be familiar, some used in the other direction and as always, some is just nasty due to the grades – short as they may be.

Almost Hilly Sixty-Five profile

Mellow Metric

Often a shorter variant of our Century Ride, this flat metric is designed for those who want an extended tour but aren’t yet ready to do a full century.  Those with friends doing either the 50 or the 100 can catch up and ride home together them from the the midpoint rest stop on this route as the routes all converge from there. So this only mildly rolling route travels over much of the same areas as our 100 mile route but will get you back for lunch before many of the longer riders descend upon the finish.

Mellow Metric 65 profile


Our premier route is all about an invitation to do your first – or fastest century – or just your longest ride of the year.  The roads are chosen from a mix of familiar and fresh routes to make you able to see some great areas of south central NJ, just have a nice extended day cruising with friends while either wanting to maintain a steady pace or perhaps be rewarded with a fast century by going quickly and working hard.  RideWithGPS reports Elevation change: 2188 ft & Max Grade: 4.8 %


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