New Rider Asks

New Rider Asks:

I have never ridden in a group before and do not want to drag the group down if I do not have the same capabilities as the group. How do I know which pace category to start in?

InfoGuy Says:

There is a basic rule about our rides that seems to transcend the pace category: Our rides are typically about 2 to 2.5 hour affairs. You can thus expect a ride to go about double the pace for distance. In other words, a C ride will often go about 20-25 miles since the average speed is 11-12 mph. You'll need to think about how far and fast you are traveling alone in order to judge your readiness. Remember, tho, that if you're riding more often and especially with a group, your capacity for both speed and distance will improve quickly. And don't overlook the fact that we wait for stragglers [a ride essential] and provide helpful hints [a basic tenet of group riding]. Lastly - good luck!! and let us know how you are doing. It can be a little intimidating getting started but worry not, we've all been there and we understand.