On Line Ride Route Asks

On Line Ride Route Asks:

My old club actually posted the exact ride with a link to the route sheet. Do the FreeWheelers have such capability?

InfoGuy Says:

Our leaders have favorite routes and riders who regularly attend learn them quickly. That said, they also like to have flexibility so the listings reflect that. Most leaders have a clear plan for the next ride they are going to do. Those who lead infrequently will often post particulars in the ridelist. Those who lead more frequently may figure it out only that day but they will usually have an idea between one or more choices that they can work with on a given day. Either way, a contact is listed for all leaders and those interested are welcome to use it to find out more. More than one leader posts info ahead of the ride either to a blog or an email list with everyone who has indicated interest. Part of the reason it is done this way is that there are so many good ways to ride the roads in this area that detailed pre-ride ideas are more about where to go than exactly how to get there - there are always multiple ways and sometimes the leader delites in making choices on the fly. It is also a potential technique for keeping larger groups together as riders who go on ahead may get off route if the leader takes a turn and they are not close enuf to be aware. One of our mantras is: If you ride ahead you are on your own.