Planning Ahead Asks

Planning Ahead Asks:

One of my goals this bike season is to do the century ride at the Free Wheelers Event. I've read that you should train with the same food/drinks that will be available at the event. Can you tell me what food and drink is typically available at your rest stops?

InfoGuy Says:

Your questions reflect an intelligent way to look forward to having a good time at our Annual Event - even tho it won't get here until August! You can count on several items at our rest stops, which typically are at 25 mile intervals on the century route. Bananas and watermelon have been mainstays. Granola bars and peanut butter and jelly on white bread are also frequent favorites we will likely repeat. Last year we had Snickers Marathon Energy bars as well. That was great for me cause their my favorite anyway. But we won't know for a while yet if that donation will happen again. There is no way we could run an event and not have Gatorade as at least one choice. Orange is the most likely choice. Lemon-lime is an occasional alternate. However, water is ALWAYS a choice and if you bring your own powder, you'll never have to worry if you'll like what/how we serve the sweeter stuff. I use Cytomax so I'm used to packing my own. I put a bottle's worth of powder in a plastic sandwich baggie and apply a twist tie to the top. Repeat for at least one more bottle's worth than you think you'll need. Doesn't take up much room in the jersey pocket or a handle bar bag.