Visiting Rider Asks

Visiting Rider Asks:

I will be visiting the Princeton area soon. Is there someplace I can find route maps for interesting rides in the area? Club rides? etc.? I am used to riding in some traffic, but we really don't have much traffic to speak off around here.

InfoGuy Says:

Welcome to the Princeton scene! When you know what days you'll want to ride, send an email to with a phone number and we'll discuss your desired pace and distance to find good club rides to try. You'll also want to check out a map resource for a good local route to ride on your own. This one is probably the best: Just type in "Princeton, NJ" and you'll find quite a resource. Don't see something that suits your fancy? Or, simply more adventurous? A second resource will allow you to design your own route: [put together by a member of our club] will do the trick. There you'll see that many of the local roads in our area are fine to ride during the day, and especially if you stay away from rush hour and downtown[s]. Well, that said, of course if you want, we certainly can supply alternatives that will offer you plenty of opportunities to hone your traffic skills ... This is after all, New Jersey!! Just one more piece of advice: Bike friendly crossings of US1 are probably the biggest issue we have as a club. Stay on one side or the other and you'll be fine and not have to deal with it. Hills are to the north/west of it and flats are to the south/east.