Club Ride Categories & Speeds

Class Ave-MPH [Moving] Cruise-MPH [Flat Terrain] Use of AERO BARS is prohibited. You can have them on your bicycle. Just save their use for a time trial or solitary ride.
Ax 23/ Up 26+ For EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG cyclists. Must know how to ride safely in a pace line. Few stops. Any terrain. No obligations to wait for stragglers.
A+ 21 – 22 24 – 25
A 19 – 20 22 – 23
B+ 17 – 18 19 – 20 C+ rides have stops as needed. B and B+ rides may use a pace line. Brisk to vigorous. Hills likely. No obligation to wait for stragglers on
B+ and up. Group will wait for stragglers on B and slower rides.
B 15 – 16 17 – 18
C+ 13 – 14 15 – 16
C 11 – 12 13 – 14 D rides usually have no major hills. For casual riders with little or no experience. Leisurely to Moderate. Stops as needed. Group will wait and assist with non-major mechanical problems. C and D+ rides may have hills. For riders with moderate experience.
D+ 9 – 10 11 – 12
D 8 – 9 up to 10

NOTES: *Average speed means average while moving. **Cruising speed is the speed a cyclist should be able to comfortably maintain on flat terrain. We will try to help, but there is no obligation to wait for a cyclist with a major breakdown.

Interpreting the table:  Speeds listed are the numbers preceding the decimal in an odometer reading.  20.4 mph average is therefore an average for an A ride and  16.6 is an average for a B ride.  The same rules apply for cruising speed which should also be observed by Ride Leaders, regardless of eventual average for a ride.

Rides are road rides unless otherwise noted.

Anybody who can stay upright on two wheels can cope with a “D” pace.  That is why we have it.

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