How Do I Get the Club Ride List?

Join the Club!
The Monthly Club Ride List is a featured benefit of Club Membership. Join the Club and receive The Freewheel (containing full Ride List, Club information, free ads for members and more!) in your mailbox every month. As a Member you can also receive the Ride List via email every month. Simply send an email stating your name (per your registration), phone number, and email address(es) to which you’d like us to send the Monthly Club Ride List and occasional Club news.

Visit a Local Bike Shop!
All the bicycle shops in the Princeton area receive our monthly newsletter. Just ask to see The Freewheel at the counter of any local bike shop.

Contact  Us!
We are a social club and would love to learn about your cycling interests.  To join us for a ride to see if you like how and where we ride, send an email and tell us where your interest lies.

You can also request a complimentary copy of the current newsletter, just call or email InfoGuy: 609-882-4739,

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