2009-07 Ed, JoAnn & Jen Post

This month, long time members Ed, JoAnn & daughter Jen Post– are “In Focus.” Enjoy!

Cycling makes your cares lighter! Pat

Ed here:President Pat Van Hise credited JoAnn & I for getting her interested in the Free Wheelers & also asked that we provide a profile. JoAnn & I first learned about the PFW from Ron Angelini in our small outdoors group that included Chris Cook.

We joined after an Event ride & became more active, including leading rides & helping friends Linda Konrad (Byers) & Donna Carson with the 1985 GEAR (Great Eastern Area Rally). Ed was elected Ride Captain in 1986, & we bought our first tandem, a Gitane without lateral bracing but with a curved rear seat tube & a stiff ride for stoker JoAnn.

Biking slowed with the birth of Jen in May 1987 & the tearing of Ed’s right bicep tendon which required surgery. Ed recalls the surgery was less scary than riding the rear of the old Gitane with his arm in a sling & his brother Ray steering. When Ed recovered, Jen was soon in a child seat riding with them & was photographed by the Cranbury Press eating ice cream outside a local shop.

When club founder, President & Event Chair Dick Bograd moved to Florida in 1988, Ed volunteered as Event Chair for 3 years & then co-chaired with Scott Dalton & Rich Burton (now in Atlanta). Back then the Event attracted 2,000 cyclists each year to Rider College & actually reached around 2,700 one year. JoAnn also did cover designs (including the Halloween time trial witch) for the FreeWheel for 2 years.

Meanwhile, little Jen started pedaling & in December 1990 started riding the back of our new Burley tandem using a raised crankset, one reason why Jen now appears to pedal effortlessly. We went on a PFW trip to Vermont & rode the tandem over some real hills!Jen has also led rides for the PFW, is now an individual PFW member, and has participated with the Rutgers Cycling Team for the last 4 years when studies permitted.

We have enjoyed the camaraderie cycling with the PFW since 1985 while keeping in shape, & we still enjoy encouraging others (like President Pat) to pursue cycling and riding with the PFW.

Ed, Jen & JoAnn Post

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