2009-08 George Foradori

This month, long time member George Foradori is “In Focus.” Howie Luxenberg is to be thanked for assisting by interviewing and preparing the following report. Enjoy!

Cycling makes your cares lighter! Pat

The focus of this month’s special feature is George Foradori, “the ageless wonder.”

You can pay George no greater compliment than to say he doesn’t act his age, at least not on a bicycle. George, a PFW member for over 20 years and retired from the military, is well into his golden years, but when it comes to cycling he would be the envy of folks half his age. George is a regular participant on the C+ rides leaving Etra Park, but for many of us he is merely a ghost with whom we chat amicably before departing Etra and later only catch glimpses of him on the far horizon as he chugs along at a pace that defies logic.

George doesn’t race, he doesn’t compete; he simply does something he enjoys and does it better than most. George, however, is quick to offer praise when he is witness to something special. This something special emerged on a recent bike ride in the form of a slightly built, 70-something European racer. Described by George as “the flying leprechaun,” this Irish lad was a surprise participant on a May cycling jaunt through Mercer County. While he barely spoke a word of English (our English, that is), George learned that Gerard Rea was visiting from Bishopstown, Cork, and was well known in European cycling circles. Once the ride began, it was painfully obvious only a few could keep pace with our new friend. Of course, George was among them. What George had to say to his newfound riding partner at the conclusion is the gentleman we have come to recognize: “It was a pleasure riding with you.”

To you, from all of us, George: It’s a pleasure knowing you. Cheers, Howie

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