2009-10 Larry Goldsmith

Our Focus this month is on member Larry Goldsmith, a Tall Member with BIG Feet!

My interest in cycling began in a bike shop where I had just bought a pair of cycling shoes (without cleats) in my size 12½! All shoe stores always skip my shoe size but in cycling shoes they use the European system, the bike shop also had a copy of the club newsletter. Where in NJ can one enjoy cycling? After asking lots of questions and reading every book and magazine on the subject I realized this sounds like fun but I needed a good road bike. I bought my first road bike, a second hand Motobecane Mirage and have enjoyed almost every ride since then. Like most of us I learned the hard way, actually twice I rode without enough food and water in my stomach and learned what the term bonking means…..body shuts down to all muscles and you stop riding right now!

My appreciation for the state of NJ completely changed as I started riding and I found it a great way to stay in shape. The club bike trips really caught my attention and I heard they were well attended and signed up for one then another. Sadly we now have very few bike tri ps but a recent vacation by car in August to Vermont inspired me to make the time to organize one this coming Spring! Vermont is a very picturesque state and other than cycling up those nasty uphills it is absolutely outstanding. The trip will be designed to minimize the uphills and I also encourage non-riding PFW family members to join us as it can be an enjoyable place for non-riders.

My ride leadership was few in the beginning as we had so many good leaders. However over time the ride leaders had to adjust their priorities to other than leading rides and later Norman had his first serious illness. The club has to maintain the Sunday morning ride, its tradition; after all we are the PRINCETON Free Wheelers! So I volunteered to lead this ride while the party people were still sleeping on Sunday morning. It was difficult in the beginning as nobody gave me any cue sheets and the rides from Cranbury required I pull out three different county maps, it often took me over an hour the night before to plan the rides. However since then we now have njbikemap.com and other methods to plan a ride. This past spring I finally entered two really simple ride cue sheets on my PC for the Ride Captain to distribute to those who are going to volunteer as I did.

I served 4 years as a PFW Board Member at Large in the ’90’s and recently two years as Ride Captain VP. Building the monthly ride schedule was a challenge in the beginning but again very rewarding when I understood what was needed and all of us worked as team. I have met a lot of good cycling friends and heard a lot of really bad humor but it has all been worth it.

Most important as I always say before leading, ride safe first then lets enjoy the ride TOGETHER!

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