2010-01 Russ White

For our Focus this month, we are proud to announce the first ever PFW “Bicyclist Of The Year” Award. It was presented to Russ White at the recent Annual Holiday Party. Russ was chosen for outstanding contributions to the community and the PFW based on the work he has done creating and running the Bike Exchange, the profits of which benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Trenton.

The Free Wheelers Bike Club recognized me as the “Bicyclist of the Year” at their annual dinner/dance. This award was recognition for the contribution that the Boys & Girls Club Bike Exchange made to area biking in 2009. I was very pleased to accept this award on behalf of the many volunteers and supporters of the Bike Exchange that made our first year such a success.

We did have an impact on biking by getting 900 fully conditioned bikes into the community, mostly to people who otherwise would not have had a bike. And we were able to contribute a net of over $40,000 to the Boys & Girls Club after school programs for Trenton kids.

This was a team effort. Over 40 individuals volunteered their time to move bikes to our shop in Ewing, condition and sell bikes. Special recognition and thanks goes to the Bike Exchange Executive Committee who did so much of the heavy lifting. Bike shops in the area and Fast Signs provided convenient places for individuals donating bikes. Local organizations played an important role in running bike drives, and giving the Exchange access to bikes that had been picked up by Mercer County police departments and Princeton University Public Safety. We could not have achieved these results without the support of the hundreds of individuals who donated bikes to the Exchange, directly or through area bike drives.

Special thanks to Levin Management, owners and operators of the Capitol Plaza Shopping Center. The Bike Exchange would not have started without the generosity of Levin Management in providing an excellent location for the shop. Thank you, Dale Mulartrick and Pina Hoel.

The Boys & Girls Club in Trenton has provided outstanding support to the Exchange throughout the effort. Thank you, Dave Anderson and Jackie Simard.

Finally, the Princeton Free Wheeler organization deserves special recognition. Without their support the Exchange would not have had the manpower to collect, condition and sell 900 bikes. Thank you, Mike Heffler and Pat VanHise.

The Bike Exchange will take a couple of months off during the winter months of January and February. We will reopen in March and are anticipating a 2010 that is even better than 2009.

Russ White

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