2010-04 Mark & Diane Klein

This month’s Focus is on Mark & Diane Klein,
PFW’s “First New Members of the 30th Anniversary Year!”

We moved from Michigan to Hillsborough, NJ in 1981 and have lived here ever since, raising three children of our own and, with Diane’s daycare business, another 75 or so. (We must own a dozen children’s bikes. Thank goodness for garages that no longer hold cars, and rentable storage units!) Early on we had an old tandem and could be seen riding around with two additional riders – one in a bike seat on the back and a tiny one in a front pack. We made quite a sight.

Neither one of us can remember a time when we didn’t own bikes. We still have Diane’s 3-speed “Rollfast” she got as a child, hanging in our garage. I remember suffering through nine months of working a paper route so I could buy a 20-inch Schwinn Stingray (banana seat and raided handle bars – I thought it was SO COOL!) despite the 26 inch bike my parents had gotten me a couple of years earlier. I bought my first “10-speed” used from a friend in high school and then in college splurged on a Gitane road bike that I rode until 2008 when I finally retired it for some modern technology.

Along with my road bike we have hybrids. Together we enjoy riding around the local neighborhoods, often as my recovery rides. We’ve also done numerous longer rides doing loops that start and end at home taking in parts of Somerset, Hunterdon, and northern Mercer counties.We rode the NYC Five Boros Tour a couple of years ago and want to do it again when our schedules will allow it. In the summer when we go camping in Michigan we always take our hybrids along and ride in (the bathrooms can be a long way away) or near the campground. I’ll often do longer rides while the others are hanging out at the beach – pushing a hybrid 60 miles can be quite a workout and serves me well for when we get home and I can get back on my road bike. I did my first century ride in 2008 and my birthday presents to myself are to ride at least as many miles as my age. Diane gets out on her own, too, and rode the Tour de Franklin last year with a friend.

We’re looking forward to riding together on some of the D and C rides with the Freewheelers – making some new friends and taking in some new scenery. And, perhaps spurred on by our daughter’s recent purchase, Diane is beginning to consider getting a road bike, so we might just start to move up the ride ladder!

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