2010-05 Peter Fenner

This month’s Focus is on Peter Fenner, currently our club Treasurer.

I started cycling after getting divorced, when all of a sudden, I had so much free time on my hands. Someone suggested that since I was so interested in fitness, why don’t I join a “bike club”. I had no idea that such things even existed! But low and behold, there was “a” club in nearby Princeton.

I showed up for my first ride with a hybrid bike, denim shorts and sneakers! At the end of the ride someone said ” you should at least take that heavy lock off the bike!”

I managed to make it through a few “B” rides with the hybrid when John Crawford let me try his road bike. I was smitten and bought my first road bike the next day!

I became obsessed. So obsessed that I could think of little else. I found myself making excuses at late running meetings at work, to make sure I made it to Cranbury on time for the evening rides. In the fall and winter months, I found myself checking weather.com on Monday mornings and going into a panic if rain was forecast for the weekend.Things got so bad that I even showed up for my Saturday morning Honey Do ride when it was 8 degrees outside…I wasn’t the only one to show up as John Henderson and Dave Zahler were there as well….we decided not to ride! I had one girlfriend who said “All we ever do is ride!”

I’m a bit burned out these days but hope to resume riding soon. The Club has been so good to me that I have felt an obligation to give back by leading rides, joining the Board and working the event.

The best part of the Club is the people, the laughs, the camaraderie. Just one example, that I’ll never forget was a Cranbury “A” ride where we got stranded in a vicious thunder storm at a fire house near the end of the ride. A couple of riders who made it through came back with their cars. Dave Tampellini arrived with his car to help and he wasn’t even riding that night!

The funniest line comes from Ed Post, whose description of the legendary Bordentown ride was “15 people start, 3 finish, but the 3 who finish aren’t necessarily among those who started!”

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