2010-07 Dennis Whitney

This month’s Focus is on Dennis Whitney.

By Dennis Whitney’s Cycling Crew

Nobody does it better.

Echoed by legions of fellow cyclists, those words epitomize the feeling about our own Dennis Whitney. A Freewheeler for two decades, Dennis, affectionately referred to as “Boss” for his calm demeanor and leadership qualities, his many pedaling fanatics take to the road, knowing he will guide them on a pleasant and safe journey.

His tours through the wilds of New Jersey bring us to familiar names and places, but often leaving us clueless how we reached our destination. It’s a mystery that we look forward to each time we meet. His group leaves from Etra Park in Hightstown on Monday and Friday and from Allentown on Wednesday. This gentle man of few words has a following of dedicated riders, who are passing word that to be with Dennis is to have fun. Yes, word has spread and the group is growing. But Dennis has gone beyond cycling to help warm the spirits of his merry band.

When winter comes and the roads become too treacherous for cycling, the Boss organizes monthly luncheons at some of the more popular eateries for an hour or two of chit chat, and, of course, the consumption of a desirable number of carbs, just to keep in training condition. We do this zestfully.

We all ride for fun and health, aware that hazards lurk at any bend in the road. Of course, Dennis does his utmost to keep us vigilant, and the guys (and ladies) are always mindful of his caution. Accidents, mostly minor, do happen. In such instances, Dennis, who calls it “our own support group,” summons his troops to bring aid and comfort to those in need. It matters not how far they must pedal to give such aid, but neighbors of the injured rider are left aghast at the great number of bikes that suddenly emerge like ghosts out of the forest to land at the door step of the partner in need.

Dennis was enticed into cycling by his son David, and for this we owe a debt of gratitude. The Boss is our man and we plan to follow him for a long time to come. His mantra as a ride leader, like that of the country’s elite military force: “Nobody gets left behind!”

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