2011-02 John Gasataya

Our Focus this month is John Gasataya, the first new PFW member of 2011.

Well, I’m 27 year old Filipino, in nursing school at Capital Health School of Nursing. I used to work with RF Communications before I moved here about 4 years ago. I have a BS in Engineering. The job market here was & is still in bad shape so my educational goal now is job security. I’ll start a Masters in Education at Wilmington U. this Spring.

A novice rider, I did rides from another group before, it was ok but the driving distance didn’t fit me. It was a lot of fun tho, very different than riding alone. I guess it’s a good way to know people & share experiences on the road.

Probably a C to B+ depending on the course, the farthest ride I’ve done was the MS 150. Fundraisers are the cycling and running events I’ve mostly participated in: Tour de Cure, Race for the Cure, Philly half marathon, etc. The main reason for me doing them is because there are less pro’s participating so I cheat on myself over the thought that I finish ahead of the peloton and most others. I guess that’s human nature. On the other hand, it’s also rewarding having the idea that I’ve made a difference on the lives of the people living with these diseases. And fundraising is very challenging especially these days. People are more skeptical, most often ask; why are you doing this? Why MS? Do you have MS? Do you have breast cancer? Are you Diabetic? It’s really easier to just bike 100 miles than ask someone to donate money during a recession. But some people still have their sense of altruism and it worked out great for the past few years.

Other than cycling, I run 2-3 times a week, & run competitively as I also do triathlons such as last years’ NJ state triathlon. They are, however, my sideline rackets and there’s absolutely no part of me which stood out, but maybe in some other way because I am a turtle. Not even a turtle because it can swim and I can’t. I can pedal and run but just not swim. But hey, it’s a personal challenge I wish to do every year – just for fun.

Last year I logged close to 3000 miles of cycling and around a thousand miles of running, my goal this year is to up my pace, hopefully average 18+ on half a century, and pace up my running to 7 flat. Not an experienced cyclist at all, I consider myself an uber novice and am hoping to learn from all of you, which is why I am looking forward with great anticipation that this will be an exciting learning experience.

I’m excited to join the club & hope to do a lot of rides with PFW this year, I guess this group can help me fulfill my personal cycling challenge, and also its a good way to finally get to know fellow riders in the area whom I probably already met on the road for the past couple of years.

So, my plan this year is to start early, plan ahead, participate in events as much as I can, join groups (which explains my early membership application) and staying active instead of bumming and playing video games at home; they are quite addicting and they come in HD. But they’re not even half as exciting speeding up 40+mph downhill, not as exhilarating as the early morning summer and spring rides or the afternoon fall rides—these are more addicting!

Also juggling between work and school is another challenge for me but hopefully I don’t end up a statistic but finish 2011 strong and healthy. Let’s pray congress doesn’t pass a law against sweating before 9am or we’ll all be in trouble.

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