2012-04 Sue Moser

Our focus this month is on Sue Moser, frequent ride leader and Our Ride Captain.

My experience with bicycles has been pleasant for the most part. However, in the past, this was not always the case.

I started out riding a bike at the tender age of 8 years old when I was growing up in Philadelphia. My parents did not want me to ride a bike because they thought it was too dangerous. I used to borrow my friends’ bicycles and learned to ride by attending the school of “hard knocks”. I’d come home with scraped up knees and always explained the injuries to my parents as “I simply fell”. Eventually my parents did buy a bike for me, but as most kids, I rode it for a year or so and eventually lost interest.

My next encounter with bicycles occurred at age 17. I attended Smith College in Northampton, MA and the only mode of transportation for students was the bicycle. Everyone on campus owned a bike and the town actually forced students into license plates fastened under the seat. Presumably the reason was to track stolen bikes, but that was ridiculous since the tags were so easy to remove. I would bike everywhere – to class, to town, to the surrounding mountains. My favorite place to relax and enjoy life was the Mount Tom State Reservation right outside of Holyoke, MA.

After graduation from college, I again abandoned cycling. As I aged, health concerns such as elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels became an issue. Six years ago, I bought an indoor trainer and would workout while watching Chris Carmichael training videos. The spinning did help my health to improve and I then began to look around for riding company. The local bike shop recommended the Princeton Free Wheelers and I began riding with Kyle Nylander on Sundays. Kyle was very patient and taught me many fundamentals of riding. I began to explore other great rides led Ira Saltiel, Don Sprague, Dennis Whitney, Larry Goldsmith, Ron Mittelstaedt and Josiah Weiner. Eventually I rode steadily with Pat Van Hise on her famous Saturday Tri-County Cruises. I fell in love with the farmlands and enjoyed scenic and interesting rest stops such as the Horse Park of New Jersey and the Walnford Estates. I had the privilege of substituting for Pat as a ride leader and I enjoyed the experience so much, that I decided to lead a slightly faster paced ride Tri-County Cruise ride.

After spending countless hours riding with so many wonderful PFW club members, I felt that I wanted to do something to contribute towards helping the club function. When I learned the Ride Captain position was vacant, I decided to express my interest in serving in that capacity. I would like to thank Ken Leon and Larry Goldsmith with mentoring me and helping me learn the fundamentals of the Ride Captain’s duties.

Serving as the Ride Captain has been an interesting experience and one that I truly enjoy. I want to thank our three excellent ride coordinators, George Halfinger, Lisa Friedman and Bill Cooper for doing such an excellent job with their ride submissions and helping me with the monthly ride compilations.

Last year, we focused on improving safety for our group rides. This year, we need to continue our focus on ride safety and protecting our club’s most valuable asset – our riders. Ride leaders must continue to keep riders aware of safety considerations and to review the PFW ride practices (listed on the ride roster and the Ride Leader Guidelines) before each club ride. In order to keep our club running smoothly and in compliance with our insurers, we need to achieve 100% adherence to the ride sheet policy – ride sheets must be filled out and returned for all rides.

Ride suggestions and ideas for improving our rides are always welcome!

Happy riding to all – wishing everyone an enjoyable and safe riding season! Sue

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