2012-07 Jerry Foster

Our focus this month is on Jerry Foster, Board Member& current president of the West Windsor Bicycle & Pedestrian Association.

I’ve lived in New Jersey since 1985, moving from Plainsboro to West Windsor in 1999. I learned to bike growing up in the 1960s in a small town in the midwest which was surrounded by parks and open space. As kids, we biked and walked to school, raced our bikes around the basketball hoops roller-derby style and rode the trails through the woods, all on a banana-seat bike with knobby tires. Later, we rode motorcycles and snowmobiles on those same trails, as well as backpacking and cross-country skiing on them.

I was fortunate to have a critical mass of friends who were also interested in outdoors activities, including camping, canoeing, backpacking and biking. I bought a 10-speed from Sears with my paper route money while in junior high – we even loaded the camping gear onto the bikes and did a weekend trip out and back – my first tour. After learning to drive, we started longer backpacking trips, including a 6-week trip to Wyoming, and we learned to rock climb. During college my roommate and I took a 6-month European tour disguised as a rock and ice climbing trip, with an interlude traveling via rail pass.

I moved east after college and bought a touring bike with high hopes, little realizing how scarce fun time is once you’re working full time. My wife and I learned to sail and spent vacations cruising our sailboat after the children arrived, including a 2-month cruise from northern Lake Michigan to the Thousand Islands in the St Lawrence River in 1998. I bought a road bike after failing to keep up with a neighbor on a ride in the early 1990s, and still ride it today. I’m doing a fourth 500-mile ride for Anchor House this summer (please donate at anchorhouseride.org), and rode self-supported from Oakland to Los Angeles in 2010.

My professional career was in information technology, including positions as a programmer, in management and in enterprise architecture. Community service activities have included volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician for the Plainsboro Rescue Squad and leading my son’s scout troop. I currently serve as President of the West Windsor Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance, as well as holding board positions with PFW and the New Jersey Bike and Walk Coalition. My other big project is backpacking the Appalachian Trail in sections, over 1300 miles completed so far!

It’s been great to ride with the club and meet so many interesting characters, you know who you are. I originally joined back in the 1980s and never did make it out on a group ride, but joined again a few years back.

See you on the road! Jerry

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