2012-11 Andy Chen

This month’s Focus is Andy Chen, long time member, some time photographer and fun-time ride leader.

Really, you didn’t know I own a deli?  My wife and I bought it shortly after I retired two years ago because, after working in the corporate world, I just wanted to be my own boss.  I thought you knew.  Anyway, more about me….

Funny thing about this world is how small it is.  Many years back while in college in Philly, I met a woman named Barbara.  One day about 25 – 30 years ago, when I was driving across the Griggstown Causeway, I run (not literally, mind you) into a group of bicyclists.  I stop and chat with one of them and he turns out to be that woman’s father, Hank Hirshmann., who tells me about the club.  (They didn’t have pre-printed business cards to hand out back then.)

I joined and went on several rides and had a great time.  Fast-forward to about five years ago.  After some friendly cajoling from Jeff Lippincott (the original version), I decided to lead the Friday rides from Pennington.  Over the years of leading I met more wonderful people, had many good times (rides, dinners and otherwise), and feel that this club provided a tremendous amount of fun and enjoyment for the small price of admission.

Besides leading rides, Big Bruce asked me to help him with Event registration.  That was a no-brainer since, as you know, this club is run by, and depends on, its volunteers.  Since I never ride the Event, I agreed to do a double-shift.  However, after a few years it was tougher to be there by 6:30 so now I only do the second shift.

That covers the bicycling part of my world.  In addition to that, I enjoy photography (www.andychenphotography.com) and my wife, Heidi, and I have an RV (technically, a travel trailer).  We are still trying to get beyond the NJ, DE, MD, and PA universe of campgrounds.  We were in IN for a week this summer but obligations here (read: lawn) keep most of the trips relatively short.  By the time you read this, we will have been back from a few days with the RV for the Seagull Century (thank you Chris).

How could I not mention our cats?  We have six (or seven, if you count the one Heidi is trying to adopt out).  I really need to repair that one-way door.  They are pleasant enough, not too demanding, and surely less maintenance and cheaper than kids.  Disclaimer: Just an opinion and no offense intended to any parental units.

Thanks to a fortuitous encounter at the causeway, it has been a great ride ever since.   Oh, finally, the part about the deli…just pulling your leg.

There you have it…everything you wanted to know about me in 457 words.

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