2012-9 Jeff Lippincott

This month’s Focus offers us a unique opportunity.  Meet: Jeff Lippincott

 Both of Them!

Jeff “The Original” Lippincott

                  Jeff “X” Lippincott

Ever since I was a youngster growing up in Ewing Township, I’ve enjoyed getting out on my bike. I remember putting a few supplies in the newsboys’ metal basket on my Schwinn Speedster & taking off with my friends on what we called “bicycle hikes.”  We’d journey on our single & 3-speed bicycles to such far flung places as Washington Crossing State Park in NJ & Ralph Stover State Park in PA.I remember my very first PFW ride. It was with Frank Stanski out of Hopewell to the Sergeantsville General Store.  After noshing those wonderful dumplings, we started our return. I‘d just installed clip-in pedals, had fallen over twice the previous week getting used to them and chipped the paint on my new bike.  On Frank’s ride, I vowed to myself that wouldn’t happen again.  When my chain flew off my front sprocket and I couldn’t clip out, I straight-armed my fall. My bike was unscathed—but I broke my arm!

I became a regular on the Wednesdays from Washington Crossing ride with wonderful leaders like Nancy Martin & then Bob Barish.  I made new friends & fell in love with beautiful countryside on both sides of the river.  Soon, I became very familiar with all the scenic area roads (hats off to www.njbikemap.com).

When Bob Barish decided to pursue other interests, he handed his leader clipboard to me.  I feel it’s quite an honor to be able to lead this ride that has such a wonderful history.

I never tire of beautiful Bucks County countryside & find Wednesday night rides simply the best way to celebrate going over the mid-week hump.

Most of the time on our return run, we’re on the lookout for deer.  Earlier this year, I was leading the riders on Highland Road in Upper Makefield.

The driver of a mini-van traveling in the opposite direction slowed down & flashed her lights a number of times. Then, when she saw that she had my attention, she raised her hands to each side of her head and with three fingers imitated antlers. Sure enough, about a dozen deer were beside the road on either side about 100 yards ahead. No incident to report.

I first started hearing about the other Jeff Lippincott when people came up to me & said, “Hey Jeff, boy you’re really stepping out this year -leading B rides!”

I remember last year meeting Jeff when he showed up for one of my rides. I walked up to him and said, “Hi, I’m Jeff Lippincott”, to which he replied, Yes I know and so am I!” I think at first it was confusing for folks. People “just didn’t get that there were two PFW ride leaders with the exact same, not-so-common name. Poor Karen Baldino was pulling her hair out trying to figure out which ride roster went with which Jeff Lippincott!

Besides bicycling, I enjoy hiking and am Vice Chair of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club.  I lead hikes throughout NJ & Eastern Pa.  Some of my favorite places to lead include the Ted Stiles Preserve at Baldpate Mountain, the Delaware Water Gap in NJ & Pinnacle/Pulpit & Hawk Mountain in Pa. Recently, I’ve also hiked in the White Mountains of New Hampshire & the Adirondacks in NY.

I graduated from Syracuse U & ended up staying in upstate NY for another 12 years.  In 1992, I returned to work in the insurance industry.  I’ve been with the Office of the Insurance Ombudsman in the NJ Dept of Banking & Insurance since 2001.  Our Office advocates for consumers & I find the opportunity to help those who have had less-than-wonderful encounters with insurance companies very rewarding.

Oh, and by the way, I’m the PFW Jeff Lippincott who lives in Lawrenceville-the original!

See you on the road or on the trail.                                  Jeff “The Original”

 As a kid growing up in Princeton I was a competitive swimmer, competitive cyclist, and sometime runner. I used to hang out at Kopps Cycle and raced for the Century Road Club of America. During high school all I cared about was racing on my bike. But that all changed while attending a winter training camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado in the Spring of 1980. While I was at the month-long camp as an Olympic hopeful then-President Carter decided the US would boycott the Olympics that year. So I quit racing and attended college in the Fall of 1980. I didn’t even bring a road bike with me to college. Following my college and post grad education I got licensed as a CPA and as an attorney.I am now age 50 living in Princeton and enjoying the fruits of my athletic endeavors as a kid. Although I don’t race anymore, I regularly workout doing at least one of the three sports I used to excel at when I was younger. Until a few years ago I was mostly walking and swimming. Of course I was doing some bike riding, but it was so sporadic and limited that it hardly counted.

In October, 2010 I joined Princeton Freewheelers (PFW) and within a week rode my 20” Dahon folding bike on a Don Sprague flat 35-mile C+ Etra Lake ride on a Monday.

Then two or three weeks later I rode my folder again on a Peter Harnett hilly 55-mile B Hopewell ride on a Sunday. Both rides went well, and I decided to continue riding with PFW in 2011. In April, 2011 I rebuilt my old steel road bike with compression shifters and rode the Ed Post 50-mile B+ Cranbury ride on a Saturday. That ride also went well. Since then I have enjoyed numerous PFW rides ranging from C+ to A. My favorite rides are the hilly ones, but the fast flat ones are kind of nice, too.This year I have accumulated 20 ride leader sheets for PFW. The first 10 were for B rides I lead out of Princeton mostly on Sunday mornings starting in February. The second 10 were for B+ rides I lead out of Princeton mostly on Tuesday evenings starting in June and ending in July. I’ve also gone on some club rides offered by other ride leaders this year: Peter Harnett, Jack Palis, Laura Lynch, and Ed Post. This Fall I am signed up to particpate in the Hartford Marathon and Philadelphia Marathon, both running events.                                Jeff X


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