2016-05-Dave Carpenter

Dave 0516May 2016 Member In Focus: Dave Carpenter

It seems most people cycle when they are young, then return when middle age starts. I have been one of the lucky ones and have cycled all my life. I have always cycled to work unless the company provided me with transport, and even then one day a week I would cheat and cycle. I first cycled100 miles when I was 15 years old. I have been lucky and cycled all over the world.
Cycling has been the one thing that has been constant in my life and has never gotten me in trouble. My other passions are spirit-based: alcohol, gasoline, and perfume. I don’t drink much, so that leaves gasoline and perfume.
I love little British cars. I guess I should mention that I’m British. I own a 1970 MGB roadster and a Jaguar XK8 coupe. With a little effort, I can get a bike on or into either one. As for perfume, let’s just say I’m enjoying the dating.
I own a number of bikes, from old classics to new classics. I especially like Italian bikes. I restored a 1982 Bianchi Alfan to very close to new condition and have ridden it on PFW rides. I also have a 1989 Orange P7 made in England. I won the frame in a trail quest completion (it’s like orienteering but on a mountain bike). I think it would work well in the US.
The Free Wheelers have made me very welcome, and I’m pleased to say I have a large number of very good friends from the club. Y’all know who you are. I love humor, stories and bridges.
See y’all on the bike.

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