2016-02-Sam Bunting

SamBuntingPhotoFocus On Member: Sam Bunting

Sam Bunting is an avid cyclist and bicycling advocate. He has been instrumental in efforts to improve safe cycling in the Princeton area and making cycling a family affair by offering family rides.

I grew up in Northern Ireland and from a young age, my bike was my way of getting around. My first bicycle was a chopper-style Raleigh Tomahawk, but I used to get a lot of grief about it, because choppers were out and you really had to have a BMX in those 80s days. When I was a teenager, I was a paperboy for a long time, and I spent so much time riding around delivering the ‘Belfast Telegraph’ that my bike became like an extension of me. I kept riding as a student because I was at two great bike towns – Oxford and Cambridge – in England. Then I was living in DC for 6 years, where I became a card-carrying member of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association. For a busy city, DC is very bike-able, and there’s some great trails. When I moved to Princeton, the possibility of being able to get around by bike was a big plus. I like to use my bike mostly for transportation, although I don’t ride to work any more, because I work in New Brunswick and I guess I’m a bit more risk-averse than I used to be (the roads are crazy). Right now I own two bicycles. One is a basic Trek 7.2 hybrid, which I have fitted with a front-seat for my daughter. She loves being on the bike, and it’s a nice thing for us to do together. My other bicycle is a 1973 ‘Hercules’ 3-speed. I keep it at work so I can scoot between campuses at Rutgers.

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