2016-04-Ken Webber

April 2016 Ken W focusMember In Focus: Ken Webber

 Thank you for selecting me as a Member in Focus. I am relatively new to cycling and joined the Princeton Freewheelers only two years ago. I am married with four children ages 19 to 27 and a granddaughter that just turned 1. Until a couple years ago, I hadn’t really ridden a bicycle on a consistent basis since I was a teenager. That changed when my youngest child was a senior in high school and I had more time for leisure activities.

I wanted to get into better shape and started walking the Delaware-Raritan towpath but after a little while I was interested in exploring more of the towpath and began riding a bike. I live in Lawrenceville and my riding on the towpath soon led to riding on the Lawrence-Hopewell Trail. A couple of years ago several substantial additions were made to it. It’s a great multi-use course and in addition to cyclists, runners and walkers, riders from the adjacent equestrian center use it and, if you are on the trail either very early or late, will often see several deer and other wildlife. It is almost complete now and I recommend it to anyone with a hybrid or mountain bike.

After riding on the towpath and trails for a few months, I decided to join the Princeton Free Wheelers. I was apprehensive to join at first because I was inexperienced but all of the leaders (shout outs to Roland Bazergui, Ira Saltiel, Sue Moser, and Ron Mittelstaedt) and groups that I rode with were very friendly and made me feel very welcome. I soon was riding a few times a week and having a great time. I followed the pattern of many cyclists and, a short time later, ended up buying another bike (with one for the trails and one for the road) and soon had my kids commenting about my choice in spandex attire.

Last year I rode in my first century and took my bike on vacation last summer to enjoy the Cape Cod Trail. Now, I try to ride in one form or another all year.  I have been riding with a group of hardy souls led by Dave Carpenter during the week and Sue Moser on weekends.  Both groups have been riding on the towpath most weeks throughout the winter. If riding outside isn’t an option, I’ll participate in a spin class.

I have met some great people while riding with the club.  The Princeton Free Wheelers has been a great experience for me and I look forward to the warm weather and many club rides ahead.

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