2016-06-Eddie Hayduk

June 2016 Member In Focus: Eddie HaydukEddie
I have been a long-time PFW member. I have always been on 2 – 3 wheels: from tricycles to an all-out road race bike.I Love being out in nature and with friends on two wheels. This and listening to live music are my biggest passions in life!
Around 1990, I started riding with the PFW Cranbury crowd: Joan Prins, Ed Post, Artie Nussbaum, and John Powers on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays Great group of friends!
I rode with the C+ groups for the more social rides but I also rode on the B paced rides for a better workout. We would be riding in a pace line and someone would jump. Joan would yell, “Break away!,” prompting everyone to pick it up and get the escapee back in line. Fun camaraderie!
I despised the typical, windy, spring Cranbury rides because one could not hide from that wind. I would rather ride up a steep hill then go into a 15 mph headwind, so I headed to the west on the hilly PFW rides. I had many fun, Frank Stanski, hilly, Ringoes rides. Frank is such a fun and interesting guy. He was a great club president as well. I also enjoyed Michael Hefler’s and Bob Parsons’ Hunterdon County hill rides. These guys are such good ride leaders.
After a few years I was back in Cranbury doing the A+ rides. Work, work, ahhhh, strong group. I slowed down for a few years. Now I’ve changed my fitness and I’m back up to a higher pace again. I really appreciate all my PFW friends! Thanks for being here, people!

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