2016-07-Jaclyn Polin

July 2016 Member In Focus: Jaclyn Polin

Jaclyn 1607

I have been a Bucks county resident for all my life and returned to biking after caring for my mother on a daily basis five years ago. I found I needed a reprieve during the day and I jumped on an old Schwinn bike for an hour every day.  After a year of this I found it was time for an upgrade and purchased a Specialized hybrid. Then I started riding 2 hours a day. I looked out my mother’s window one day four years ago and I saw about 10 bikers booking it down River Road. It was then that I wanted to be part of that group.  A few weeks later I ran into the same bikers in Washington Crossing Park. Jeff Lippincott asked me if I’d like to join in and my vision came true and now I am a PFW member.

I have ridden the towpath during stress, inclement weather and the changing of the seasons. It’s all been an adrenaline rush to hit the pedals and blast away sometimes to catch the sunset on top of Slack Road. Anyone who can relate to getting out on your bike and just letting the wind hit your back or your face, to see spirits fly and enjoy the ride should join us as this is what is all about for me.

From the Sedona mountains to the winding roads of France, my favorite ride is Tour de Towpath from NJ to PA. Somehow biking tends to take stress away, and it becomes very therapeutic. We all ride for different reasons.  Some to power up the hills, some to endure high speed performance and then take the distance. I prefer a long distance at a moderate speed.

I have been riding the same Specialized hybrid bike for five years now.  It takes me on and off road, but I am looking to upgrade to a road bike in the near future.

Whenever I see a sunny day the first thing that comes to mind is that I must go biking. I suppose being out with nature is one of my favorite things in life and always has been. Riding with PFW has given me the enthusiasm and confidence to continue with great support. They are always willing to give a helping hand and make the ride enjoyable. Wednesday riders are such a blast to be with and it looks like we’ve all branched out to different rides during the week. I am now leading the Monday ride in Washington Crossing Park New Jersey at 6 p.m.

My journey on the towpath is like my journey in life.  I get to see great scenery and meet interesting people. Come out on a Monday and take the ride with us.

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