2015-10-Frank and Elaine McCarron

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Frank and Elaine McCarron.
Cycling is a family thing for them!

When our kids were young, Elaine and I would take them biking near Mercer County Park. We would on occasion run into groups of riders from Princeton Freewheelers, and they would encourage us to trade up from our hybrids to road bikes. While we liked the idea, we just never seemed to have the time. As our kids got older, Elaine was the first one to buy a road bike, and I just could not keep up on my hybrid. I bought myself a Klein bike (which I still use today) and have been trying to keep up with her ever since.
We still did not go on many rides with Princeton Freewheelers when we first joined, as between commuting to work and running around on weekends, we seemed to always have another commitment. It was only really in the last five or six years when the kids started driving and then went to college did we really get actively into cycling.
When our sons were in high school, we bought them road bikes and took them on trips with us. Our family vacations would be a week of biking and a week of sightseeing. Then Elaine convinced her twin sister, Ellen, and her two girls to get road bikes and finally her sister’s husband, Michael, caved in and joined us. Michael may have been the last to join, but he is the most active, out on his bike almost every day.
We go now on weekend B rides and weekday evening C+ rides. The evening rides are the best, as we go out with the group to dinner afterwards. We really feel that we have made some nice friends. The B rides we choose are mostly flat; just trying to improve our pace.
Elaine’s old bike was a smaller frame with 650cc tires. This summer Elaine upgraded to a new women’s-specific bike with 700cc tires, and she has been on fire. Everyone noticed how all of a sudden she was attacking the hills and near the front of the group on the flat rides. So I may need another upgrade soon if I am to keep up with her. I think everyone who knows us would agree that Elaine is the trendsetter in our family.

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