2015-11-Elyssa Malakoff

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This month’s Focus is on  who is known to most members as pfwemail @ gmail.com. Elyssa works behind the scenes to provide the club with many technical services that are so necessary today such as email blasts, web site, registration, etc.. We can’t thank E enough for all that she gives.
Wow, what an honor to be selected for the Member Focus! Life has taken me away from riding, but it’s a life-long love I’m hoping to revisit.
The first bike I remember riding was my 10 speed Schwinn back in the 70s. Every kid I knew owned the exact same bike in either green or blue. Most kids in my suburban Bergen County town had mothers who would let them ride to elementary school, or certainly out of the neighborhood, but not me. I resigned myself to riding around my little subdivision, mastering riding with no hands even around corners (I’ve always been a bit geeky and fascinated with technical stuff!).
Fast forward several decades and I found myself with a few hours a day to myself while my youngest child attended preschool. I fell in love with spin class, attended every morning, and got in really good health, with some great (stationary) bike skills (lol). It occurred to me that, with my background in swimming as a kid, and now some expertise in biking, that I should push myself to become a triathlete. I did an amazing amount of research, got a triathlon bike (took the aerobars off after a few PFW reminders, of course) and braved the world of road biking with PFW! I even completed a few sprint distance tri’s.
I was doing a lot of volunteer work at the time and, because of my background in programming and web development, I became heavily involved with the website and email end of PFW. (If we met in person, I probably wouldn’t recognize you, but in all likelihood I’d know your email address!) Several years ago I got divorced, went back to work, started putting on weight, and my bike began to harbor spider webs.
I can’t imagine not being involved with PFW, though; I feel like this club is family. Last year I vowed that I would go to the first All-Paces of the season. I did, but promptly got dropped from a C ride (at my insistence!) and haven’t been back on my bike. I recently accepted a full-time development job in Hopewell (3 college-aged kids now!) and have limited opportunities to ride (though that newly-paved section of 518 does beckon!).
So anyone who’s been in my position and would like to offer some words of inspiration or a date to go riding really slow some weekend (or an early morning weekday ride from Skillman to Hopewell!!), please reach out. I think you all know how to find me, I’m pfwemail @ gmail.com. -E

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