2016-12-JoAnn and Mike Shorr

Member In Focus: JoAnn and Mike Shorr

Why do two people need 7 bikes?
We started dating in April 2003. Mike lived in Philadelphia at the time. For our first date, Mike asked JoAnn to come down to Philly to go biking through Fairmount Park. Of course, JoAnn said yes. If you know JoAnn she is up for any adventure.

When she got to Philly with her old hybrid and saw Mike with all his gear, she knew she was up for a challenge.

The first couple of years in West Windsor we did mostly trail riding with our mountain bikes. Living so close to the county park made a quick afternoon or evening ride convenient.

In 2008, JoAnn purchased her first road bike. For a couple of years we would just ride around locally, until we joined the Free Wheelers. We have been in the club now for four years, though for the first two we didn’t do many club rides. For the last two years, we’ve been on quite a few more rides. In the winter, our riding time competes with skiing, so we don’t get out as much, but if the weekend rolls around, the weather is warm and skiing conditions aren’t good, you’ll likely find us out on a ride.

We love to bike wherever we go. We’ve biked in Napa, Block Island, Newport, Vermont, and the Catskills. This year we have taken three bike-oriented trips: Bike Virginia, Thousand Islands NY (with the club), and Gettysburg. It’s a rare occasion, other than when skiing, that we go away for the weekend and not bring our bikes, whether it’s the mountain bikes, hybrids or road bikes (sometimes two each).

Our goal during the summer months is to bike 100 miles per week, which is easy enough to do if we do Andy Chen’s Friday night ride from Pennington, Ira’s ride from Cranbury on Saturday, and Mary Foley’s ride from Etra Park on Sunday. Mike also frequently rides on Wednesday nights out of Washington Crossing with Jeff Lippincott.

We have met so many wonderful folks, and the rides have taken us through so many beautiful areas of the state. JoAnn has progressed as a rider over the past two years. Initially, she would announce on Facebook that she started her spring ride with 10 miles; now she just finished 75 at Gettysburg. Upgrading to a new carbon fiber bike with  electronic shifting has done wonders.

JoAnn would like to thank all the riders that volunteer as sweepers. Riding in the back of the group for most of last year, their encouragement and helpful words of advice has always been appreciated.
And yes, to answer the question why do two people need seven bikes? Well, JoAnn still has that old hybrid and she will probably never let it go. Mike also has his 23 year old hybrid. Mike and JoAnn both have their mountain bikes on which they still get out and jump some logs, and of course there are the three road bikes. Mike is hoping to make it an even eight by next spring.

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