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in memory of JoAnn Post

July 16, 1949 – November 7, 2015JoAnn lighter

JoAnn and Ed Post joined the Princeton Free Wheelers in April, 1984 and both have been instrumental to the success of the club ever since. In recent years they could be seen often enjoying cycling on their tandem. JoAnn fought a courageous battle but succumbed to leukemia.
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I have ridden bicycles with Ed Post and his daughter Jen for Jen’s whole life and maybe a little longer. I have long thought they were two of the most wonderful people I knew. Always looking for ways to improve myself, I wondered how they got that way. In the last few years, I came to know JoAnn. And now I know the good influence in their life. She even managed to improve me, reaching out with love, understanding, and help for others, even in her last moments. I will really miss her. Henry Murphy

I met JoAnn almost 34 years ago. She was one of the most generous and kind people I have ever known and I was fortunate to have her as my friend. She was admired by all who knew her and I am grateful that JoAnn and her faith touched my life. Donna Carson

As President of the Princeton Free Wheelers, from the late 1980s, until 2002, I participated in countless Club activities with JoAnn Post. Looking back to those years, what I remember most about JoAnn, was her “voice of reason”, and fortitude in maintaining a positive attitude, no matter the circumstances. Though it has been more than a decade since I participated in PFW activities with JoAnn, the relentless, uplifting manner she lived life, continues to inspire the way I try to live my life. Many thanks, JoAnn. Frank Stanski

JoAnn made an impact on the liives of many with her gentle supportive way and I was fortunate to be one of them. When I called a number about riding in a group JoAnn answered the phone. That call clearly changed my life. Pat Van Hise

In June of 1985 we sponsored G. E. A. R. from College of N. J. I know she was helping one or more of our committees back then. … I do remember her as a warm, pleasant cyclist. …I always remember her charm. In recent months I met her daughter, Jennifer, … She carries on her mother’s personality. My condolences go out to Ed and Jennifer. Dan Rappoport

Our family has known JoAnn for close to 38 years. We have known Ed Post, JoAnn’s husband, for over 32 years. I met JoAnn and her sister Cathy many years ago at another event. They introduced themselves right away, JoAnn was the more serious of the two but they both were fun to be with. Now they are gone, victims of a different form of a much feared illness – Cancer. Much too early – Cathy at 63 and JoAnn at 66. JoAnn and Cathy were probably among the best friends that Judy and I have ever had. Our kids knew them too. They accompanied us to various Freewheeler picnics and party’s. Judy and John rode with the club on their own bikes for a few years. Later Ed and JoAnn, Judy and I rode together on our tandems. Judy and I, Donna and John were very sad when, at first Cathy and then JoAnn passed away. John drove up from Philadelphia yesterday to attend JoAnn’s funeral. None of us will ever forget the many fun times that all of us had over the years. They were two of the nicest ladies that we have ever met. Don Sprague

I’ve known JoAnn for quite a while and mainly as a PFW member. Its only been more recently that I’ve been exposed to her more completely. It is, of course, hard to talk about knowing JoAnn without mentioning Ed, and of course Jen as well, as they shared the same love for the outdoors and cycling as a family that each of us bears, if only individually. She and Ed have recently been experiencing the things many of us are as our advancing age brings to us the commonalities of retirement, Social Security, and care for our elderly parents. Finding solace in the experiences and solutions of others in some of these often sobering moments extends relationships well beyond what you can develop on a bike ride or even at the club’s social activities and shared volunteer efforts. She was truly easy to befriend and all these things extended her simple friendship and that is how I knew her best. The many aspects of her I never got to fully appreciate while she was alive were well documented at the recent memorial service. My wife and I were truly impressed – though not surprised – by how much she meant to so many. She will be truly missed. John Powers

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