2017-02-Ralph Sanon-Jules

I started what I think was road cycling in 2012. I
had a Mongoose mountain bike that I used to do
laps around my block when I wanted to do
something different to supplement my gym time.
Then in 2103, I learned that one of the members of
my East Windsor firehouse was training for the big
Anchor House ride that year. I joined him on the
road with that MTB and found it to be more than
tough to keep up, but I did. My friend advised me
to get a road bike because he said that I was
killing myself by riding that Mongoose on the road.
More importantly, he said that I had the potential to
be a decent cyclist. I started riding a borrowed
Specialized Allez and fell in love with everything about the sport.
In 2014, I joined PFW after seeing all the PFW jerseys whizzing by me on the
roads. I hooked up that old Allez with carbon this and that, some cool tires
and rode that thing till it screamed for mercy, literally. I wore out the bottom
bracket twice, 3 chains, 1 rear derailleur hanger, a front derailleur, a rear
derailleur, I rear hub, 1 crankset, and countless tires. That bike is still in my
arsenal, but it is now part of a family of 4 bikes that I use to ride pretty much
every day. As of January 10, 2017, I have ridden 216 consecutive days in
every type of weather and have no plans to slow down. A riding streak was
never a goal for me, but being on the bike just feels good. Riding relaxes me,
keeps me fit, and it allows me the opportunity to meet some of the best
people that I am lucky enough to call my friends, like Joe, Sue, Rebecca, and
Phil. They are fellow PFW members and have been my go to people for
racking up most of my 11,943 miles in 2016. They are a fantastic bunch and I
hope to ride many more miles with them.
I also frequently ride with Team Social Security. They are so welcoming and
easygoing that I make it a point to join them on as many Friday rides as
possible. I have to get these rides in quickly before they escape to Florida for
the winter! Another group that I ride with is the Major Taylor Cycling Club.
They are a great group of riders that will make you laugh hard and ride
harder! For the little bit of hills that I ride, I tagged along with the Azzurri
riders, another group of terrific cyclists.
I know it is cold, but I am going to be out there on the road as much as
possible. I hope to see you out there. Be safe!!

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