2010 Vermont

Return of Bennington VERMONT Bicycle Trip Report
May 28th – May 31st 2010 

By Larry Goldsmith, PFW Ride Leader

This year the club has had more cycling trips then ever before. This past Memorial Day weekend, 15 Princeton Free Wheelers drove 4 hours up Route 287 to beautiful Bennington Vermont to enjoy the outstanding vistas of southern Vermont.

Known as the Green Mountain state and for maple syrup, Vermont has lots of great roads for cycling. We enjoyed riding together next to many small farms with their black and white cows. Naturally, the cows were acclimated to the hills and after the first day we began to accept and enjoy them as well.

Four PFW members needed a challenge and I was able to supply them with the route up the tallest mountain in nearby Massachusetts, Mount Greylock! I personally climbed Mount Greylock years ago and can assure you first it is 7+ miles ALL UP with steeply banked curves, it is usually 5 to 15 degrees colder at the top and finally the view from 3491 feet at the monument (at top) is like looking down from an airplane! I know they enjoyed it as they were all very happy at the end of the day when everyone joined up for wine and cheese.

We also took a big step back in time when we toured the Park-McCullough Mansion in North Bennington Vt., a mansion built from gold rush money and impressive enough for a Presidential visit. We then cycled together on relatively flat & quite picturesque Manchester Vt.

Many photos were taken & I look forward to seeing them appear here.

Most importantly all had a good time, made new acquaintances and even a few new friends. The club has had two other trips this year – I suggest you consider doing one in the future as well, just one more of the benefits of your PFW membership.  I really enjoyed being able to organize this one and enjoy the company the others provided. You will too!

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