The website is a work in progress!

We’d Like Your Ideas for the PFW Website

Please email with your PFW website ideas, big or small, long or short list. Reworking a website is a daunting task and we want to make sure to streamline our efforts.

What we’re looking for – please keep it positive:

  • URLs of bike club websites that you admire, and why
  • Specific features you’d like to see on our website
  • Ways that other clubs have retained paying members when everything is available on the website to the public.

What we’re not looking for – negatives:

  • What you feel is lacking in our current website. We know all about it.
  • A vague list of things you’d like to see. We’ve got vague; we need specific.
  • The recommendation that we discontinue the print newsletter. We know a lot of people feel it is unnecessary, but some people do value it.

Thank you!!

Comments closedPUBLISHED FEBRUARY 3, 2013