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Ride Leader Guidelines

The comprehensive Ride Leader Guide, updated in 2020, is a must-read! All riders can learn from this comprehensive guide. We've printed the introduction to the material below but you are advised to click the link and download the pdf - its a great read for all!

Also see the brief Ride Leader Quick Guide - downloadable at the linked page as a single-page .pdf

(And if you're looking for instructions on how to list a ride, those are at the "How to Post a Ride" button, under the "Leader Resources" menu item. Save yourself a step next time, and go directly to the page! Or you can click here.)

Preface / Prologue

Who are “we”?

Many experienced, competent PFW riders and ride leaders have participated in the assembly and editing of this guide. The contributors believe that documenting the key characteristics of a good ride is essential to all ride leaders and potential ride leaders.

Why a Guide Like This?

Riders interested in leading a ride are likely to have many questions about the process. Many of these are basic information obtained through ride experience. The PFW website contains substantial resources for all riders. This guidance constitutes one of the many valuable resources available to all PFW members.

Is There a Mystique to Leading A Ride?

Ride leading is mystique-free. We all have great memories of our first venture into an area only one member of the club seemed to know well enough to get to via some great roads. You may wonder how there was this great little place to refuel just when you thought your legs wouldn’t let you pedal even one mile more. All of us know of a place or two that’s special and will serve the purpose.

If I Lead a Ride, Where Should I Go

Anywhere you enjoy going! There are probably no bad places to go, well, at least none that have good roads to ride that lead to them. Sure, the idea of a neat destination is alluring, and nicer destinations suggest nicer rides but when bicycling, it’s really all about the journey.

Who Will Show Up?

Cyclists select rides for many reasons, such as proximity to home, day of the ride, ride pace, destination and route, or knowing the ride leader. Regardless of the reason, how you plan the ride and how you plan to ride are the key factors. The information that follows will assist you with that process.

When Will I Be Ready?

There is no time like the present! The material which follows is a quick read. Much of it is common knowledge that you already know. The actual time to plan can be minimal if the ride you intend to plan isn’t totally unique.

If you’ve been riding, you don’t need to do anything special to get yourself ready. If you haven’t, then you’ll have to think about how fit you’ll need to be for the ride you intend to plan. Your fitness dictates the ride pace and establishes the ride level you plan. Adjust the pace and distance accordingly.

Getting Started

Get the Guide and Read On!! . . .

Be a ride leader! You too can do it!

First Edition - John Powers, March 2006

Revised, PFW Board of Trustees, April, 2020


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